Family carers | How Sentai can help relieve the pressure

Family carers do an incredible job looking after their loved ones, but the struggle they can face is not always recognised.

Here at Sentai, we aim to help remove some of the pressures from these carers with our AI technology.

Keep reading to discover how we can help make a difference to family carers while still promoting independent living for older people:

Family Carers in the UK

Recently, we carried out a survey to discover more about family carers in the UK, including how often they are able to visit their loved ones.

Through this, we discovered that from 6000 participants, one in five is unable to visit their loved ones as much as they’d like.

Our survey also found that 90% of respondents experience worries about their family members when they’re not around. This highlights a gap in care delivered which could have a detrimental impact on older people.

Our research falls in line with the figures from Carers UK. Their research shows that five million UK residents are working alongside completing care responsibilities, resulting in increased pressure and stress.

1 in 7 are juggling work and care(Source: Carers UK)

Family Carers | Comments From Our CEO

On the results from our survey, Philip Marshman, our CEO at Sentai, said:

“Caring for an older relative, or any loved one, is a challenge. And this challenge is a daily reality for many. It’s no secret our care sector in the UK is under immense pressure - and this serves to underline the scale of the problem.

“With the care sector at breaking point, many people are having to care for older relatives themselves. They're either bridging the gap as they wait for care, or supplementing existing care services. Most, though, are juggling this responsibility with work, and it’s no surprise 90%  worry when they’re not there.

“My own experience of being an informal carer to my 87-year-old father saw me look to develop a solution to help lessen this impact. I understand balancing work and care, the guilt of not being able to be there more, and the worry over them being alone. It’s from this that Sentai was born.

“Technology already helps us in so many aspects of life. Age tech has a huge part to play in the development of new care systems and how we support our ageing population. Helping them to live independent and fulfilling lives for longer.”

Age Tech and Sentai

Our AI technology falls under the umbrella of age tech - which is any type of technology that improves the lives of older people and family carers.

As well as Sentai, there are plenty of examples of age tech that aim to lessen the challenge of delivering care to older individuals. All of which focus on promoting independence along with formal care.

Founded in 2020 by Philip Marshman, our Sentai AI links our users with their loved ones. Sentai is a form of age tech that learns the routines of the older person, notifying them when things need doing and offering a form of companionship.

Our Sentai AI sends consistent updates to the family carers, allowing them to see what their loved ones are up to and what they need without having to be there. This promises peace of mind and support for the carers as they know their family member or loved one is okay.

For more information on Sentai and what we can do for your older independent loved one, please take a look at our website or contact a member of our team.


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