Home help for independent older people | National Stress Awareness day

At Sentai, we’ve created an AI companion to help reduce some of this stress whilst improving the provision of home help for independent older people.

Companionship With Sentai

Living independently and away from loved ones can sometimes lead to stress surrounding companionship and socialisation. 

To combat this, our Sentai AI offers home help for seniors by striking up a conversation with them, greeting them in the morning and sharing helpful suggestions in line with the activities and events they have planned.

Additionally, Sentai works with Amazon Alexa, allowing it to answer questions and offer companionship for your older independent loved one, reducing stress and providing support 24/7.

Providing Peace of Mind

Here at Sentai, we’ve developed our AI to alleviate feelings of stress and concern when caring for a loved one.

We aim to provide peace of mind, achieved by sending regular updates to family members whenever necessary.

For example, our Sentai AI can send notifications directly to family members or carers that detail their day and activities, or send alerts when something doesn’t look right; reducing stress whilst still offering home help for seniors.

Aiding in Communication

A proven way to reduce stress is by talking to those you love and care about. For those living independently, it can be harder to go out and socialise with friends and family members, minimising the opportunity for stress to get released. 

Our Sentai AI allows your older independent loved one to connect with whoever they’d like to talk to, whenever they want. 

An important part of home help for seniors, Sentai opens up a means of communication between independent individuals and their loved ones, enabling them to talk, vent, and let go of any stress.

To discover more information about what we can offer regarding home help for seniors, please take a look at our website or contact a member of our team.


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