Preventing falls | Creating a safe environment for your loved one

How can artificial intelligence technology assist with preventing falls?

At Sentai, we understand the importance of creating a safe environment for older adults to reduce the risk of injury. From securing their home to offering an AI companion, there are plenty of ways to help improve their wellbeing at home.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help keep your loved one safe:

Create a safer bathroom environment

When surfaces are slippery and wet, there’s often a higher chance of falling and causing injury. A good way to work on preventing falls is to make sure these wet rooms are safe.

For older people living independently, having a bathroom designed for safety can be beneficial. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to do this.

To create a safer bathroom, you could install grab rails, a shower chair and non-slip mats to prevent falls while washing. You could also invest in our nonintrusive Sentai sensors to offer peace of mind and alert you if your loved one has had a fall.

Sentai sensor in bathroom

Reduce the amount of clutter

Having a cluttered house or room can often increase the risk of injury for older people living alone so, to help with preventing falls, encourage your loved one to clear their living space. 

Low storage will ensure they don’t put themselves at risk by climbing or reaching too high, whilst having items stored carefully away can reduce the risk of tripping. 

As well as this, you could also work on removing or fixing any potential trip hazards. By removing rugs, ensuring floorboards and carpets are fitted correctly, and tidying up cables or wires, you can create a safer environment for the one you love.

Checking eyes and hearing

Another way of preventing falls is ensuring that your loved one is up-to-date with their optician and hearing checks.

Trips and falls often happen due to poor eyesight and hearing. If your loved one is struggling with this, they may find themselves more susceptible to injuries within the home.

Mum wearing glasses

Failing to see the objects in the area or struggling to hear what’s happening around them can result in bumping into objects around the house.

By ensuring your loved one’s eyes and ears are in good health, you could be helping to prevent further trips, bumps or falls.

Install hand rails or stair lifts

A simple fix to preventing falls is by installing handrails in necessary areas of your loved one’s home. This provides a stable object for them to hold onto if experiencing a fall.

For example, by fitting handrails along the stairs, you're reducing the possibility of a fall. If your loved one is unsteady on their feet or has reduced mobility, you may want to consider installing a stairlift to maximise their safety.

Utilise our Sentai device

At Sentai, we're helping older people remain independent and in their own homes for longer. To do so, we’ve created our Sentai AI as a helpful companion.

Our Sentai AI utilises Amazon Alexa, sensors, a clicker and a simple app to help improve the lives of your loved ones.

son and dad with sentai device and app

Using our Sentai sensors, family members and carers can see when there's movement or when something may have gone wrong. This allows them to take the necessary action and assist their loved ones.

Sentai also makes communicating with family members easier. By using Amazon Alexa, older people can reach out to their family and friends when they need them. This can come in handy when they feel at risk of or have had a fall.

By pressing and holding the clicker will activate our quick help function. Sentai will ask a couple of questions to assess the situation (What help do you need? Can you get to the telephone?), you’ll then be alerted on the app exactly what’s been said.

Dad has fallen over and using Sentai clicker

The presence of Sentai in the home can provide reassurance for both you and your loved one, offering peace of mind whilst allowing them to retain their independence.

For more information on what Sentai can do for you and your family, please contact a member of our team.

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