Preventing loneliness | 5 social activities for older independent loved ones

Do you have an older loved one who is living independently?

As we get older, it can become increasingly more difficult to maintain a healthy social life. For those who live alone, this can often escalate feelings of loneliness.

In this blog, we’re exploring a range of social activities that can help combat feelings of loneliness in older adults:

Group exercise classes

Group exercise classes are a great way for your loved one to meet new people and improve their social life. They can also help them to maintain their physical fitness and enhance their mental wellbeing.

Whether they’re interested in dancing, aerobics or yoga, there are plenty of options for physical and social activities.

Why not search for local groups or classes and encourage your loved one to sign up? You could even attend together, at least for the first few, to help boost their confidence.

Joining local clubs

If your loved one has any specific hobbies or interests, it may be worthwhile seeing if there are any local groups that they could join.

They might enjoy attending a book club, cooking class or art group, for example. It could be a chance to hone their skills, or learn something new, whilst meeting an array of interesting and like-minded people.

Learning a new language

Learning something new doesn’t have to stop when you reach a certain age. In fact, there are plenty of social activities centred around learning a new skill that can be beneficial for your loved one.

A great example of this is learning a new language. Not only does it provide plenty of opportunities for your loved one to meet new people, it can also help to exercise their brain and keep their mind sharp. This can be really beneficial in maintaining their memory, comprehension - and even independence - as they get older.

Consider joining a walking club

Walking is a timeless, low-impact activity that can encourage your loved one to leave the house and explore the nature of their local area.

Walking clubs exist throughout the country and are a great way to meet new people who may live nearby.

Offering safe and interesting routes, walking groups can help your loved one ensure both their physical and mental health.

Interacting with loved ones using Sentai

Sentai is a friendly addition to your loved one’s home. It can offer reminders for social activities, as well as provide friendly communication through Amazon Alexa. It also has the ability to contact friends and family for a catch-up, helping your loved one stay connected.

It’s a great tool for reducing the risk of loneliness and helping your loved one to organise tasks, social activities and other important events.

For more information about what we offer at Sentai, please contact a member of our team.

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