Staying active | Our favourite easy exercises

Are you interested in discovering some new ways of staying active?

At Sentai, we understand that adopting a healthy lifestyle can come with several benefits, especially as we get older.

Keep reading to explore some simple exercises for seniors:


If you’re looking at staying active, consider giving pilates a try! A great, low-impact exercise, pilates can help to improve your strength and balance whilst providing a range of health benefits, such as improved posture, increased bone density and better mobility.

Pilates is also an excellent way to expand your social circle. There are plenty of dedicated pilates classes available throughout the country, as well as online communities that can recommend helpful hints and tips.

Water Aerobics

For an exercise that’s fun and gentle on your joints, why not consider water aerobics as a way of staying active? Available at most community pools, water aerobics is a great way of improving your stamina whilst reducing the risk of heart disease.

Aqua aerobics

A wonderful social activity, water aerobics is a fantastic way to make new friends whilst working on your health. As well as this, it allows you to start off slow with smaller movements before increasing intensity - making this easy, water-based activity suitable for all.


Step-ups are a great way to practise staying active. An exercise that you can do at home as well as in classes, step-ups only need a platform to stand on and sufficient space to move.

A fun and simple exercise, you can create routines and actions that can help you work on the necessary parts of your body. Whether you choose to join a class or go at it alone, there are plenty of ways to make this exercise work for you!


If you’re looking to explore new places whilst staying active, you should consider taking up cycling. Ideal for those who like to get out and about, cycling provides a fun way to get around, as well as an effective workout.

An activity that you can do alone or with family and friends, cycling can help you to work on your cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance. If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, why not try setting a goal of time or distance to beat?

Trying Yoga

Staying active doesn’t have to involve lots of physical movement and strain. Yoga is a gentle yet effective way to work on your body and mind, and can be done either in the comfort of your own home or as part of a local group.


With plenty of videos and tutorials available online, you can pick the moves and sequences that are right for you. Ranging from simple to intermediate, there are a wide range of poses and actions for you to discover during your practice.

Get walking

Walking is a wonderful way to improve your fitness levels and keep moving. Ideal for those wanting to spend time outdoors, walking has many health benefits, including improved mobility, better stamina and weight loss.

As well as this, walking can be a great social exercise that you can enjoy with family members, local clubs and furry friends. Whether you’re strolling around the local area or visiting a nearby park, there’s plenty of settings to explore.

Outdoor activities

At Sentai, we understand that staying active can help us to stay independent for longer. Keeping fit also has an array of health benefits for seniors, which is why we’d recommend that our users set up a reminder for regular exercise on their Sentai AI.

For more information on what our technology can offer, simply contact a member of our team.

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