Technology in social care | An introduction to Sentai

Are you looking for an easier way to support your loved one?

Here at Sentai, we’ve developed a range of state-of-the-art technology in social care, to enable them to stay connected and ensure they have everything they need for comfortable day-to-day living.

In this blog, we’re sharing details of how our product can benefit your loved one:

Technology in care | Providing peace of mind with sentai

Here at Sentai, we’ve developed our technology to assist your loved ones in their day-to-day life, making it easier to see what they need and provide them with support when necessary.

To help with further peace of mind when it comes to their day-to-day needs, our technology ensures you receive real-time updates and insights into their health. It will notify you if they have pressed the emergency button or if something doesn’t look right based on their activity or movements.

Additionally, our user-friendly companion app gives you the opportunity to check in on your loved ones, look at their activities for the day and ensure they’re up-to-date on any medication, removing any difficulties surrounding communication.


Providing a new way to care with our technology in social care

At Sentai, we’re committed to helping you take care of your senior loved ones. To achieve this, we’ve developed our technology in healthcare to adapt to the habits and activities of your loved ones, sharing an insight into their daily schedules and needs.

Unlike other technologies, our application talks to the user, learning about their daily patterns to create a personalised experience - and notice when something appears wrong or out of the ordinary. 

In addition to this, Sentai is able to start a conversation with your loved one, guiding them through their current situation and alerting family members if required, providing them with much-needed reassurance and company.

Technology in care | The importance of reminders

While we promote and support independent living, we understand that sometimes a gentle nudge or reminder is necessary when it comes to important tasks, such as attending appointments or taking prescribed medication.

With this in mind, our technology proactively maintains relevant interactions with your loved ones, sending reminders based on the habits of the user and the time of day.

For example, after learning the basic schedule of your loved one, Sentai will help them prepare for the day ahead, set medication reminders, make a note of their to-do lists and remind them that it’s time to start their night-time routine. 

This then removes some of the pressure from friends and family, allowing your loved one to complete these tasks themselves and remain happy and independent, whilst providing you with peace of mind that everything remains on track. 

If you’re interested in discovering more about how our technology in care can benefit you and your senior loved ones, please contact a member of our team

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