The use of Artificial Intelligence | Announcing our acceptance into Birdhouse

The use of artificial intelligence is growing in many different sectors, particularly in healthcare. 

At Sentai, we’ve created smart, intuitive and reliable AI technology to support older adults and reduce the pressure on the healthcare industry. 

As we continue working to improve and build on our product, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been accepted into Birdhouse – a start-up to scale-up company that helps businesses grow. 

In this blog, discover more about Birdhouse and our exciting future:

The use of Artificial Intelligence | Sentai

With the use of artificial technology growing in the healthcare industry, our Sentai AI is becoming increasingly more popular. 

In the UK alone, 6.5 million people are caring for a loved one. At Sentai, we aim to support these people by monitoring the health and well-being of an older relative on their behalf.

Offering support and assistance to individuals, our technology notifies them of daily tasks, sends reminders and allows them to contact friends and family easily.

The use of artificial intelligence can provide a practical and reliable solution, helping reduce the pressure on carers, while promoting the safety and well-being of the older generation.

The use of Artificial Technology: Our work with Birdhouse

At Sentai, our technology is already transforming lives and, with Birdhouse, our goal is to take it to the next level.

Launched in 2021, the Birdhouse Ageing and Longevity program, in partnership with Belfius Insurance, supports start-up businesses that focus on age tech.

Birdhouse encourages progress and innovation, offering its in-house expertise to help take businesses from strength to strength. Our Sentai technology is one of the only UK companies involved with Birdhouse, and we're extremely excited to apply their advice and discover what we can achieve with their expertise. 

Providing us with an invaluable network of contacts, funding to grow our business, intensive guidance and a tailor-made program, our work with Birdhouse will allow us to go from strength to strength. 


Birdhouse | Why we were approached

According to Dirk Schyvinck, Birdhouse is aiming to accelerate the age-tech ecosystem while focusing on specialist start-ups rather than generalised companies.

After noticing the scale of the over 60’s market, Birdhouse decided to create an accelerator program designed for the future of ageing and longevity. Dirk said:

“We look to startups that not only create innovation in ageing but who use technology and can scale up their market and business model so they can go international.” 

Birdhouse was on the lookout for businesses and ideas that they hadn’t heard of before, which led them to our technology. 

While viewing ageing as an opportunity rather than a problem, Birdhouse noticed how we utilised sensors and Amazon Alexa, which gives us the potential to scale up our business while involved with their accelerator program.

Our CEO on working with Birdhouse

Regarding our acceptance from Birdhouse, Philip Marshman, our CEO, said:

“Getting started with Birdhouse makes our longer-term plans feel tangible. While the idea was born here in the UK, we want Sentai to help people the world over. The challenges of informal care aren’t unique to the UK, and neither is the reality of an ageing population. 

“We know that Sentai has the power to be life-changing for many older people and their families.”

He continued, “It’s such an exciting time for Sentai. We’ve worked hard since we launched to keep growing and it’s been a labour of love for everyone involved. This is the dawn of Sentai 2.0 and we all believe in the technology and the power it has to help people. It's our driving force.”

For more information on the use of artificial intelligence and our technology, please contact a member of our team.

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