What's new at Sentai?

We’ve launched some great new features to support you when caring for an older loved one.  So let’s dive in…


Keeping in contact with your older loved one has never been easier; whether you’re family, a friend or their carer, Chat is just as simple as sending a text message.

In the app, type your message (just like you would with a text message), Sentai will then relay your message to the person with Sentai in their home. They’ll just need to say their reply (like having a normal conversation), and their response will be shown on the Chat screen in the app.

The good thing is it can be used by the main user, and any family and friends you’ve added to the app.




For help with setting up, click here.

Call Me 

Not one, but two great new features.

No. 1

Let’s say you’ve been calling your loved one and they haven’t picked up the phone.  Using the motion sensors you can create a ‘Call Me’ reminder.  Whichever sensor you select, when movement is detected it will call you straight away (you’ll need to make sure you’ve added yourself as the primary contact in the app).

It’s straightforward to set up, we've got useful step-by-step instructions on our support page.

This feature works best when you have more than one sensor in the home.

No. 2

The second Call Me feature is triggered as part of Check In (Check In is one way of finding out how your loved one is feeling that day, click here to find out how to set this up).

Either at a set time or during wake up routine, Sentai will ask ‘how are you feeling today?’, if the older person rates themselves low (say between 1 – 4), Sentai will ask if they’d like to speak to you (or the primary contact in the app) and make the call.

This is a great way to make sure the older person doesn’t feel lonely, and you can easily keep in touch.

No movement 

If one of your biggest concerns is the older person falling or not being mobile around their home, the No Movement alert will be beneficial to you.

You set in the app the number of hours you’d like to monitor for movement, for instance, you could set it for 5 hours in the afternoon. If movement isn’t detected by the sensor in this window, a notification is sent to the app.  If movement is detected, Sentai will ask “are you ok”, if the answer is yes, the alert resets and starts again. If no, Sentai will ask if they’d like to speak to you (or whoever is the primary contact in the app), if response is yes Sentai will call you, if no, you’ll be notified on the app.

Night movement 

Quick and easy way to see how your loved one / person you care for is sleeping, by logging the number of movements during the night (it monitors between bed time and wake up routine in the app)



To get the best results, you’ll need to have the sensor in or near the bedroom door.

Need help?

If you've got a question or need any help, head over to our support page or send us a message.

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