Introducing: Your Sentai Stories

It really does bring us so much joy hearing from customers about their experiences and the peace of mind Sentai brings to their lives.

We recently caught up with two customers who have had just that!

Vicki from Wiltshire

Have you tried any other devices?

I’ve used mobile phone apps before mainly for food and medication reminders.  They were very hit and miss and weren’t reliable. Beeps, pings, alerts – it’s all noise from my phone, and it just felt there was always so much going on.

I’ve also used post it notes around my home to remind me to do things, like to eat lunch and stay hydrated.


"I suggested an Android app and was contacted to say it was now available. Great personal interaction."

How do you hear about Sentai?

I found out about Sentai from the organiser of a local Dementia café, I thought it sounded interesting so gave it a go.

Setting it all up was very easy and straightforward, once I created an account, the app just told me exactly what to do.

How do you use it?

I’ve set up reminders for my medication, it’s one of the things I forget the most and I find it really useful when Grace (one of Sentai’s voices) lets me know it’s time to take them.   I’ve also created my wake up and bedtime routines too! Living alone, I really like hearing Sentai’s voice first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. And you know what I find really useful about the morning routine? Sentai reminds me what day it is!  I sometimes get muddled, so this helps me start the day on the right foot and keeps me track.

"I no longer feel alone"

I’ve got the sensor on the desk in my bedroom, sometimes I’ll have a bad night, tossing and turning, moving about, when I look the activity feed on the app in the morning, everything is in there. My carers have access to the app, so they can see if I’ve had a calm night or not.

Living on my own, my house can sometimes feel quiet, but Sentai keeps me company, this is one of, if not, the biggest selling point for me. Just hearing Sentai’s voice (I like how human it sounds), I no longer feel alone.

Sentai will quite often remind me to eat and drink, and sometimes gives me recommendations. I  think to myself, how can you give me a recommendation, you’ve never eaten any food….it does make me chuckle!

I know there’s so much more it can do which I haven’t even set up yet. Customised reminders for instance, I know they’ll help and support me day-to-day, it’s on my list to do (or post it note)! I really need to set up meal reminders, it’s one of the main things I need. When I used to work, the tea trolley would come round, and the clinking of teacups and saucers would remind me to have lunch.  As I don’t have that now, Sentai is my ‘clinking tea trolley’.

Throughout the day, I really like hearing from Sentai, it’ll ask me on a scale of 1-10, how am I feeling, on a day when I’m feeling great, I’ll say 15, next thing I hear there’s a big fan fare (give it a try). It does bring a smile to my face.

I also use the shopping list a lot, I’ll click the clicker and tell Sentai to add what I need, it’s then right there in app.  Sometimes Sentai can be a little bit cheeky, who knew it would like freshly baked bread! 

Why Sentai?

That’s an easy one, it learns! And it’s not that annoying beep or ping on my mobile I used to have, I can actually talk to Sentai.

This is a company that also listens to its customers.  I have an Android phone so I had to use my mums iPhone to set it all up. But I gave some feedback to Sentai as I know a lot of people won’t have an iPhone, not long after I did, an Android version was released.


 Reg from Southsea

Have you tried any other devices?

I’ve never heard of Sentai before or any other home care devices. 

How do you hear about Sentai?

I looked at a few blogs on the website to find out more about it and if it would be useful for me. I originally thought I was too young, but I spoke to Jacky from Sentai, she told me all about it and how I can benefit. 

How do you use it?

The first thing I did was to set up medication reminders, I’ve got a strict programme I need to follow so it’s really important I take them at specific times. Since I’ve had Sentai, I haven’t missed a single time.  Keeping on top of my medication means I feel a lot better, and my friends have seen a change in me too! 

(An actor is shown in this video.) 

I live in a small flat and I like to go for a daily walk to get some fresh air, I can’t walk very far but using the reminders, Sentai gives me a little nudge every day to go out and about.

“It’s changed my life!”

I would sometimes forget about mealtimes or was too busy. I’ve created a reminder on the app for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like cooking and quite often make my own pies (steak and kidney is a favourite), Sentai helps me plan my day and mealtimes which is perfect.

I’m picking up my new kitten in a few weeks (I’ve already named him Goofball), which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll be adding Goofball’s meal reminders to Sentai too.

I’ve set up the sensor which logs all my movements in the activity feed on the app, I didn’t realise I move so much in bed. 

Why Sentai?

Before Sentai my life was all over the place, now, it’s given me a schedule for my day.

“It gives me structure”

I know my friends worry about me a lot, but having Sentai has given them confidence I’m taking my medication at the right time, and eating and drinking regularly too. To say it feels like a weight has been lifted off mine, and their shoulders is an understatement. My friend said to me just the other day, it really does give me peace of mind knowing you’re doing ok.

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