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Our agreement together

We are delighted that you meet the criteria for the Sentai 12-month trial. We want to ensure that we both are going into this relationship fully understanding what we expect and what we will give to you for you to get to most out of this trial.

From our side

We are providing you with free Sentai hardware to empower independence for either yourself or an older loved one. We will also supply you with 12-months free subscription to the Sentai services that will give you all the current and future features over this period. This total package costs us £179 and in return we ask that you help us by keeping your side or the deal.

We will provide you with support and guidance throughout and will be at hand to ensure you get the most out of your Sentai journey.

From your side

We expect that you will attend your installation appointment and have everything ready so that the installation team can get you set up in one session. If you can’t make the session, please let us know by following the link we have sent you.

If your circumstances change, we all know things happen. Please let us know and we’ll send you a label to return the kit so that we can refurbish it and send it out to someone else who needs it.

We expect that Sentai remains switched on for the trial unless we no longer meet your expectations. It is important so that we know that Sentai is always looking out for your peace of mind.

From time to time, we might ask you for some feedback. You are not obliged to provide this but if you are enjoying using Sentai it would be great to know. Similarly, if you are not enjoying using Sentai please let us know to see if we can improve