Sentai, for Care Providers

Care professionals

Whether you’re a domiciliary care provider, NHS Trust or residential care home, we know looking after more than one client or resident can be difficult and challenging.

Our multi-tenanted dashboard, Intesa, gives you the visibility of
all of your clients at your finger tips, which will support you in providing the best possible care.

Our dashboard has privacy at its heart, offering role based access to ensure everyone has the correct view, whether you’re a carer or manager.

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Key features

How it works

Round-the-clock support

Providing care when you can't be there, customised reminders, and routines at key points of the day, Sentai is always ready to respond to the needs of your client or residents.  Whether it’s notifying you when medication is taken (or not), if they’re up and about in the morning, or have activated the ‘Help’ function.

Simple and intuitive set-up

Setting up your clients on Intesa (our cloud-based dashboard) couldn’t be simpler. You’ll need to setup and activate the device via our companion app, then pop in their details into the dashboard for visibility of all your clients in one place.

Integration with Alexa

Once linked to Alexa, Sentai is simply activated with a press of the clicker. Paired with the easy-to-use companion app, it ensures that there’s no complicated technology to learn. We are a voice first technology, Sentai really is as easy as having a conversation.

Out of sight

When it comes to Sentai you won’t even know it’s there. The small smart hub can easily be tucked away (or hidden behind your Alexa), and the sensor can blend into the background, whether that’s in the bedroom or kitchen. Just keep the small clicker to hand so your clients or residents can rely on Sentai when they need something.

Helping you to help your clients

Through our technology and dashboard, we can provide you insight into your clients’ needs and behaviours and notify you when something doesn't look quite right. All their activity is logged, meaning we can provide you with as much, or as little, information you may need.

A simple and comprehensive app

Customisable reminders and alerts

All-in-one monitoring and visibility

A simple-to-use and personalisable reports

A timely and cost-effective service

Sentai, up close and personal.

Sentai is working to reinvent care, offering personalised services to keep your loved one up-to-date, supported and happy.

How it works

Remind Me

The perfect companion, Sentai works with you to set reminders for your clients. From taking medication and recognising meal times, to prepping for visitors and remembering to take the bins out, Sentai has it covered. With our range of customised reminders, you can take control of what your clients needs, working with Sentai to ensure everything stays on track.

Priority Alerts

To better connect you to your clients, Sentai sends priority alerts if it notices something wrong. Sentai learns their habits and daily schedule (with permission, of course!) If something were to change, or Sentai spots something unusual, it’ll send across a high-priority alert to family members, making sure you stay connected and informed.


Taking medication is so mportant and quite often fits into a routine. Using the Intesa dashboard, you can add medication at a given time and day, and Sentai will give a gentle reminder to your client at the time set which medication they need to take. Sentai will also ask if the medication has been taken, and
you’ll receive a notification in the dashboard to let you know.

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