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Sentai, the smart companion for older loved ones

Looking after an older person who lives on their own?

Worry about them when you are not there?

Want peace of mind knowing they're up and about without a call?

Concerned that they might not be able to contact anyone if they have a fall?

Feel you could be doing more to help but don’t know how?

Meet Sentai, the smart companion for older loved ones.

Sentai works with a smart speaker to help alleviate loneliness, it watches over people in case of an emergency and is a helpful reminder for day-to-day tasks like taking medication.

Through a simple app carers and loved ones can interact and better support older people who live on their own. It learns and adapts to behaviour automatically, keeping you informed and alerts you should anything happen. 


Sentai will alert you if something is not quite right, for example if your older loved one hasn’t woken up by a certain time.

Upload daily reminders and tasks to the Sentai app, and Sentai will take care of reminding your loved one, making sure nothing gets missed.

Sentai will check in with your older loved one throughout the day, giving you regular updates and letting you know how they are.

The hardware includes a handy clicker to summon Sentai, where your older loved one can describe what’s wrong. So, in an emergency you’ll be notified through your phone.

Knowing that someone is watching over mum or dad when you can’t be there provides comfort.

Additional sensors can be placed around the house to enable you to keep a check on movement and even set custom messages based on location. For example, when your loved one is in the kitchen, an alert can be sent to remind them to have a glass of water.

If your older loved one takes any medication, Sentai will remind them. Even if they don’t know what to take, Sentai does. Sentai will record this in your app.

Peace of Mind


Sentai gets to know you more and more over time and will understand likes and preferences.

Sentai’s Augvoctech™ technology blends conversations into natural sounding speech being more engaging with the older person. 

Sentai can prompt your older loved one to speak to one of their family or friends, it will even place the call. 

Sentai has various character voices, each taking care of a different task. They might even talk among themselves at times.