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Support an older loved one to live independently

Sentai, the smart companion for older loved ones.

Designed to support those who want to live at home for longer

Sentai works seamlessly with an Alexa smart speaker, using a mix of sensors, a push button clicker and natural conversation, it keeps a watchful eye over those that need extra support.

It’s easy to set-up and use with a mix of motion sensors, a push button control and voice interactions. Through a simple app, you can set-up reminders for day-to-day tasks such as taking medication or calendar appointments. It learns and adapts to behaviour automatically, keeping carers informed and alerted should anything happen.

Sentai has a one-off cost of £49 for the hardware, with 3 months free subscription and is then just £9.99 a month then on and you can cancel at any time.

There’s no complicated technology to learn or expensive extras, with the flexibility to add as many speakers and sensors as needed.