Frequently asked questions

Why do you need to know my location during set-up?

This allows the Sentai app to select your wi-fi to complete the set up. It's worth noting, you may be asked to add your wi-fi password.

How do I add medication reminders?

It's simple. Open the app, click Configuration > Medication > Add medication. Then simply fill in the medication name and frequency and press Save Medication.

Why do I need to link to skills?

Account linking enables you to connect your Amazon identity with your Sentai identity and use Alexa voice services for Sentai features.

Why do I need to link to a Routine?

To ensure Sentai activates when you click your clicker and prevents you needing to always remember to say "Alexa, open Sentai button".

What's the Sentai clicker?

The Sentai clicker activates Sentai and is small enough to carry around wherever you are in the house and also use for emergencies. When it is clicked you will not get a notification via the companion App, however, you will see that it is been clicked in the Activity feed Done and All sections.

What's the Sentai sensor?

The sensor is ideally installed in your bedroom and is making sure you are up and about for the day, knows when you go to bed and keeps you safe at night.

What's the Sentai hub?

The hub is helping your information be used for all the Sentai features, e.g. it remembers when to remind you about taking your medication. It can be plugged in somewhere out of sight as you don't need to do anything with it once set up. It needs to be near-ish to your WiFi router. Range of the hub signal for the sensor and clicker is suitable for reasonably sized home.

How do I link my relatives and/or carers to my account so they can see my activity feed in their mobile app?

Select "Link others" at the bottom of the screen and follow the steps to message or share the Sentai link with people you want to connect with. Please do this each time you would like to link someone. The link created is unique and can only be used for one person to connect.

Will I need to access the main Sentai users account on the mobile app after the initial set-up?

Yes, this is where you will always need to access to link more relatives or carers. However, you don't need to log in here to add, amend or delete medications or wake up and bedtimes.

How do I lower the keyboard on my mobile device when using the companion App?

If you can't see a down arrow on the keyboard to lower it please select Return on the keyboard, this will lower it. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply email including your email address linked to your account, and we'll do the rest. To continue to improve, we'd also love to hear from you, whether it's good or bad.