How Sentai works

Using a sensor, an App, an Amazon Alexa and a click to talk button, Sentai is designed to act as a gentle task reminder and wellbeing device for older people while providing reassurance and visibility for families.

The clever bit? It does this all via voice so your loved one doesn't have to interact with screens or complicated apps – they just talk!

It’s not like any other call monitoring system.

What's different?

It works like a friendly care assistant to help older people living alone to remember things like medication or doctors appointments

Allows family members to check up on their loved one throughout the day via the app

Provides a way for older relatives to stay connected without needing to use a phone

Alerts carers or family to any break in routine

A warning clicker will send a notification to pre-defined emergency contacts

Key features

See our list of features and benefits below.

Day-to-day task reminders

Sentai can remind users to take medication, get a loaf of bread, exercise or meet friends. And because Sentai is powered by Amazon Alexa, users can speak to the personal assistant if they ever want to chat or want a question answered.

Bespoke reminders

Family are able to create bespoke reminders for anything at any time. Whether its time to take the pill with lunch, take the bins out or ring the Doctor you can be assured that Sentai will help your loved one remember and so remain safe and more importantly,  independent. 

Quick help

Should your loved one ever need help, Sentai can help them reach you without the use of a phone. They simply tell Sentai what is wrong and it will send an alert directly to your phone.

Voice and chat activation

Sentai will check in on your loved one from time to time to make sure they're ok. Their response will be fed through to the activity feed on the app, keeping you up-to-date. They can also chat to Sentai, play games and ask questions!

Nonintrusive sensors

Simply open the app and you will be able to see when your loved one last moved past the sensor(s), checked in with Sentai, took their medication, got up and went to bed. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is Sentai a good fit for me?

Sentai is for families who worry about an older loved one. You can set reminders for your loved one to take their medication, go for a walk, or to watch their favourite programme, giving them independence for longer.

Who gets notified when something isn’t quite right?

Family, friends and care givers who are linked to you. They'll be notified via the companion app.

Is Sentai an emergency device?

No, Sentai in not an emergency device and 999 should always be called in an emergency. However, we do have a 'help' function to get the attention of your family or care giver (or whoever is linked to the app).

Should I turn Sentai off at night?

We always recommend leaving your device and Alexa switched on at all times.

Is Sentai always listening to me?

Sentai doesn't listen all the time as we respect your privacy. To activate your device, simply press the clicker.