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Life-changing healthcare technology, straight out of the box.

The ins and outs of Sentai

Designed for older adults, Sentai is a friendly and intelligent companion who can be with your loved one 24/7, providing peace of mind for all.

Key features

Simple and intuitive set-up

Setting up Sentai is easy. Simply download the app and we'll guide you through the step-by-step process, including how to link your Sentai device to family, friends and carers.

Integration with Alexa

Once linked with Alexa, Sentai is simply activated with a press of the clicker. Paired with the easy-to-use companion app, it ensures that there’s no complicated technology to learn. We are a voice first technology, Sentai really is as easy as having a conversation.

Carer alerts

Sentai gives carers peace of mind by sending real-time alerts and updates, taking care of any issues and emergencies when necessary. Sentai will notify you if something looks out of the ordinary or if your loved one has pushed the emergency button. Sentai’s companion app lets you check in on activities such as medication reminders and meal times.

Day-to-day task reminders

Sentai takes care of the day-to-day providing plenty of reminders. Having conversations with your loved ones, learning their habits and routines and assisting when it can. From morning until night, Sentai sends reminders for shopping, visits, medication and more, taking away the worry and helping your loved one make the most of their day.

Helping you care

Sentai can complete the circle of care. The companion app can be shared with family and friends to show alerts, set reminders and share any tasks, such as shopping requests.

What can Sentai help me with?

Companionship for the elderly

A constant companion, Sentai can be there with your loved one when you can’t. With Amazon Alexa, Sentai can chat with your loved one, hold conversations, answer questions, or put them through to friends or family members. How handy is that?

Daily tasks and to-do lists can be daunting and hard to keep track of. To make your loved one's life easier, Sentai sends out reminders to make sure nothing gets missed, whether it’s taking medication or popping to the shops for some milk.

Daily task reminders

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness becomes increasingly more important with age. So, we've created Sentai to help. From nudges for self-care tasks to reminding your loved ones of meal times, and offering conversation throughout the day, Sentai helps your loved one maintain their health and wellness.

Frequently asked questions

Is Sentai a good fit for me?

Sentai is for families who worry about an older loved one. You can set reminders for your loved one to take their medication, go for a walk, or to watch their favourite programme, giving them independence for longer.

Who gets notified when something isn’t quite right?

Family, friends and care givers who are linked to you. They'll be notified via the companion app.

Is Sentai an emergency device?

No, Sentai in not an emergency device and 999 should always be called in an emergency. However, we do have a 'help' function to get the attention of your family or care giver (or whoever is linked to the app).

Should I turn Sentai off at night?

We always recommend leaving your device and Alexa switched on at all times.

Is Sentai always listening to me?

Sentai doesn't listen all the time as we respect your privacy. To activate your device, simply press the clicker.


For those with an older independent loved one, Sentai is a friendly and intelligent companion who can be with them 24/7, providing peace of mind.

Monthly Subscription (first 3 months free)


Plus £49.99 one-off hardware charge.

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You will need an Amazon Alexa device and Apple iPhone to use Sentai.