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Support an older loved one to live independently

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If you worry about your older loved one living alone, then Sentai is for you.

Research has shown our loved ones want to stay in their home, and keep their independence, for longer. But this gives you the worry and not knowing if they’re up and about in the morning, or if they’ve taken their medication.  With Sentai, we take can away that worry and give you peace of mind.

Loneliness is also a common problem with living independently too, Sentai will ask if they’d like to call a family member or friend (without any prompt), start conversations, and over time, learn their habits and what they like, and don’t like.

Sentai works seamlessly with an Alexa smart speaker, using a mix of sensors, a push button clicker and natural conversation. Through a simple app, you can set-up reminders for day-to-day tasks, and will keep you informed and alerted should anything happen.

There's a one-off cost of £49 for the hardware, followed by £9.99 a month. And as a thank you, we’ll give you the first 3 months free.

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