Who we are

We are excited to introduce Sentai, the first digital care solution designed to enhance the quality of life for older people. Sentai functions as a digital extension for Care Providers, allowing more flexibility within care, without sacrificing the human touch their service is known for.

Our mission is to empower people to live independently for longer.

Leveraging the power of advanced AI technology, Sentai is equipped to provide crucial reminders, companionship, messaging services and a timely link between cared for clients and their carers. By addressing frequent issues such as carers locations, Sentai provides peace of mind to the older person, and enables staff to concentrate on delivering high quality care.

Our Story

Our founder Phil Marshman was faced with the reality of the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one when he noticed his father’s rapid loss of independence when he lost his wife and life partner of 65 years plus.

Phil, along with the Sentai CTO Gowniyan Sivakumar created ‘Sentai’, merging the Japanese word meaning ‘guardian’ with ‘AI’ to create a name that fully reflects the product.

Our Story
Our Story

Sentai in the beginning

The product brief in the beginning was to create something that would live with Dad, prompt him of the day-to-day tasks that needed doing, while being another voice in the home when Phil was at work. At the same time notify Phil if anything didn’t quite look right so that he could act. Being a fiercely independent technophobe, Sentai need to be “dad proof” with nothing technical to learn.

From these early days and ideas Sentai was formed to serve the millions of people who want to stay independent at home but might need the occasionally help from time to time.

After creating Sentai, Phil shared that it helped him find peace of mind whilst caring for his dad. Sentai could show him that his dad was up and about, what he was doing and if he needed anything, reinforcing how much this technology could benefit others. No more worrying when Dad didn’t pick up the phone due to the visibility that Sentai provides.

Sentai digital care solutions today

Today, Sentai still has the care receiver at its core but is primarily positioned to the care provider market to support these businesses to offer digital care solutions in addition to the services they already offer.

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