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  • Sentai helps care providers expand and enrich their care services.
  • Sentai leverages smart technology tools to create additional revenue streams through digital care.
  • Sentai supports enhanced monitoring for more effective care.
  • Sentai enables hybrid care for more holistic care planning, seamlessly collaborating with family members.

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Key features of Sentai

Proactive, natural chat; How are you?

We’ll check in on the cared for person from time to time to make sure they’re ok. Their response will be fed through to an activity app, keeping carers and care providers up-to-date.

Medication Reminders

Sentai can remind the older person to take their medication, simply add the time of day and which medication needs to be taken to the app, and we’ll let them know – at any time of day with 24/7 availability.

Nonintrusive Sensors

Using the handy clicker, the care recipient can call for quick help. Through natural conversation, Sentai will find out what has happened and send priority alerts to the carer and the management console dashboard. This ensures a quick response and provides valuable insight on critical and non-critical incidents for care providers.

Quick Help

Pressing and holding the handy clicker (or clicking and saying help) activates the quick help function. Sentai will ask a couple of questions to understand the problem and send notifications to the app and the dashboard to let you know.

Day to day task reminders

Sentai takes care of the day-to-day tasks providing plenty of reminders. Whether that’s reminding the care receiver to put the bins out, upcoming appointments or simply prompting to eat lunch.

Bedtime Routine

By having multiple sensors around the home, Sentai can not only notify the carer via the app when the older person goes to bed, but we can also give gentle reminders too.