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How it works

Comprising a motion sensor, a click-to-talk button and Amazon Alexa, Sentai allows family members to track activity of older relatives via an app and be alerted to a break in routine. It is designed to act as a gentle task reminder and wellbeing device for those wanting to live a more independent life while providing reassurance and visibility for families.

My mum is fiercely independent but needs some help. I've got my brother, sister and mum's carer connected to Sentai and it's making life a lot easier for us all.

— Andres, Trustpilot

June 2023

Loving my Sentai, I don't know anything about technology but it's so easy to use and reassuring to have a presence when my family can't be there.

— Pam, Trustpilot

January 2023

I’ve set up reminders for my medication, it’s one of the things I forget the most and I find it really useful when Grace (one of Sentai’s voices) lets me know it’s time to take them.

— Vicki, Wiltshire

May 2023

Great app, easy to use and gives you piece of mind.

— Lisa, Trustpilot

May 2023

I know my friends worry about me a lot, but having Sentai has given them confidence I’m taking my medication at the right time, and eating and drinking regularly too.

— Reg, Southsea

May 2023

Sentai for you

Simple to set up and use, Sentai brings confidence that your loved ones are living safe, healthy and independent lives. You see that they’re active, keeping to routines and engaging with others – without feeling that you’re intruding. Sentai helps you to take control, without taking over.

Sentai for loved ones

Sentai helps older people to stay healthy, active and engaged. Importantly, it also brings independence without loneliness – building a bridge to the outside world. Sentai encourages older loved ones to keep up with friends, family and their favourite pass times.

Peace of mind for you & your family

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Sound familiar?

  • Do you worry about your older loved one living alone?

  • Do you need time for your family?

  • Do you feel like you should be doing more?

  • Do you worry your loved one may have a fall?

Kay, Age Space review

"A very useful, friendly companion for people living on their own to help them through their day and to provide reassurance to their family.

For me, medication reminders was the most useful thing Grace did. It's hard enough remembering what day it is sometimes let alone which pill I have to take on an empty stomach. I didn't have to write anything down or remember - Grace just let me know what and when"

Medication reminders

Avoid missing important medication with reminders which are tailored to your older loved one’s needs. Sentai will give a gentle reminder when medication needs to be taken and give you updates in the app.

Quick Help

Worried about your older loved one having a fall and not knowing? Through natural conversation, Sentai will find out what has happened and alert you by providing real time notifications.

Stay connected

Family and friends can view the app to stay up to date on the older person’s movements around the home, have they taken their medication, or use instant chat to keep in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most commonly questions and noted them down. Take a browse and if you need more information, head over to our support page or email


How long does it take to arrive when I place an order?

After we've spoken to arrange an installation date, your device will usually be sent within 24 hours and delivered within 3-5 working days.

What Amazon Alexa do I need?

Sentai is designed to work with any Amazon Echo (Alexa) smart speaker.

Can I order more sensors?

Yes, give us a call on 020 4551 0063 or email to place an order. One is already included in the box.

Is Sentai an emergency device?

No, 999 should always be called in an emergency. However, we do have a 'quick help' function to get the attention of your family or care giver (or whoever is linked to the app).

How does Sentai differ from Alexa?

With Sentai, there’s no wake word to remember, you simply click the clicker to talk to Sentai.  Also, you can add family members or carers to view the app so they can also stay up to date. Sentai also comes with a sensor, this’ll let you know the older person is active around their home, you can also use it to trigger a reminder when they walk into the room. For example, have a glass of water when they walk into the kitchen. You can find out more on our How it works page.

Can I still use Alexa like I usually do?

Absolutely. You’ll need to click the clicker to activate Sentai.