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Sentai. Offering smart companionship for independent older people.

Sentai, the smart companion for older loved ones.

Designed to support those who want to live at home for longer.

Sentai works seamlessly with an Alexa smart speaker, using a mix of sensors, a push button clicker and natural conversation, it keeps a watchful eye over those that need extra support.

Through a simple app, you can set-up reminders for day-to-day tasks such as taking medication or calendar appointments. It learns and adapts to behaviour automatically, keeping carers informed and alerted should anything happen.

Sentai, up close and personal.

Sentai is working to reinvent care, offering personalised services to keep you and your loved one informed, supported and happy.

Remind me

The perfect companion, Sentai works with you to set reminders for your loved ones. From taking medication and recognising meal times, to prepping for visitors and remembering to take the bins out, Sentai has it covered. With our range of customised reminders, you can support your loved ones needs, working with Sentai to ensure everything stays on track.

Priority alerts

To better connect you to your loved ones, Sentai sends priority alerts if it notices something wrong. When your loved one uses Sentai, it learns their habits and daily schedule (with permission, of course!) If something were to change, or Sentai spots something unusual, it’ll send across a high-priority alert to family members, making sure you stay connected and informed.

Medication reminders

Taking medication is so important and quite often fits into a routine. Using the companion app, you can add medication at a given time and day, and Sentai will give a gentle reminder to your loved one at the time set which medication they need to take. Sentai will also ask if the medication has been taken, and you’ll receive a notification on the app to let you know.

Constantly connected

Staying connected to those we love is important, especially as we get older. Sentai knows this and, as a result, is programmed to send relevant updates to family members, giving them peace of mind about what their loved one is up to. From daily tasks and routines to movements around the house, Sentai helps you stay connected with your loved one.


For those with an older independent loved one, Sentai is a friendly and intelligent companion who can be with them 24/7, providing peace of mind.

Monthly Subscription (first 3 months free)


Plus £49.99 one-off hardware charge.

And as a thank you, we’ll give you the first 3 months free.

You will need an Amazon Alexa device and Apple iPhone to use Sentai.

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