Meet Sentai.
The voice enabled digital care solution.

We help care providers enhance and extend their services. Using smart, in-home technology to increase their presence up to 24 hours a day.

Good morning, Trevor. Your carer is coming over at 2pm today. He knows you took all your medication and had breakfast this morning.

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Flexible. Connected. Intelligent. Insightful

Sentai is an Alexa-integrated smart voice companion designed to simplify and enhance care by providing visibility of patient needs and wellbeing.

Sentai enables care providers to extend their services through smart technology when a human cannot be present. Sentai comprises of a motion sensor, a Wi-Fi connected hub, and Amazon Alexa as the microphone and speaker. The solution provides timely reminders, AI-powered conversation, and monitors the activity of those who receive care. Carers and care providers can use the Sentai dashboard and app for remote monitoring or to gain insight into the daily routines and needs of their clients ahead of in-person visits.

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Who we help

We help Care Providers to enhance and extend their services using digital care technology.

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Care Providers
Care Providers

We enable care providers to extend into digital care to deliver a more flexible service that includes remote monitoring and increased insight into client behaviour and wellbeing, 24 hours a day.

Care Givers
Care Givers

We enable carers to achieve a better quality of care by providing visibility of client needs and daily routines, so issues can be identified early, and time together can be spent on the most valuable tasks.

Care Receivers
Care Receivers

We help individuals who receive care by providing a smart conversational companion, making it easier to voice needs, feel reassured and stay connected with carers and family through a single channel of communication.

Features at a glance

Remind. Communicate. Respond. Monitor.

Sentai provides timely reminders and conversation through voice-enabled chat, and monitors daily activities. The management dashboard provides visibility over all digital care clients; enabling carers to see who’s up and moving, who’s taking their medication, and if daily routines are adhered to. The insight provided will identify arising issues such as increased night activity early, and plan visits with more information at hand.

Hi Jacky, we detected that you haven’t moved for a while, is everything alright? Should we call your carer Sue?


Sentai can be tailored to each individual’s needs to manage daily routines and provide timely reminders; for example to take medication, remember mealtimes or to move around.


Care clients can chat to the speaker, respond to messages and use Sentai as a friendly companion when a carer or family member cannot be there in person.


Using a clicker button, care clients can call for quick help. Through natural conversation, Sentai will ask what has happened and send priority alerts to the carer.


Use Sentai to monitor movements and automatically check in on a care client, ask if they are OK and rate their wellbeing. The Sentai dashboard shows timely alerts and actionable insight.

See how it works

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We help people live independently, for longer.

We simplify digital care through a voice-enabled experience that uses AI to better understand care clients’ needs, so care providers can deliver a better service.

Benefits to Care Providers

  • Enhanced digital care offering
  • Improved care experience
  • Increased client insight
  • More focussed care effort
  • Enhanced issue detection
  • More effective use of carer time

Benefits to Carers

  • Improved visibility of client needs
  • Enhanced insight into behaviour
  • Increased awareness of emerging issues
  • Improved care focus
  • Simplified communication
  • Enhanced quality of care

Benefits to Care Clients

  • Increased peace of mind
  • Simpler access to help
  • Increased independence
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased connectedness