Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions and enquiries about our Sentai and how it can be used. We hope this page helps answer your questions but if not, please feel free to contact us.

What is Sentai and what services does it offer?

Sentai is a technology-driven solution designed to bring peace of mind to carers and independence to the elderly. It combines new technologies with human insight to address challenges in social care, allowing older individuals to stay in their own homes while receiving the support they need. Sentai integrates into Amazon's Alexa system and uses familiar technologies like home security sensors to provide peace of mind and support for carers and their loved ones.

How does Sentai address the challenges in formal care settings?

Formal care settings, such as care homes and home care, often face workforce shortages, funding gaps, and rising costs. Sentai offers an alternative by using emerging and established technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and motion sensors, to provide caregivers with relevant information about the user's daily routines, activities, and wellbeing. This helps carers provide support without complexity or intrusion, ensuring they maintain their independence.

What role does technology play in Sentai's solution?

Sentai uses technologies like Amazon's Alexa, motion sensors, and AI to create a Digital Care Assistant. This assistant allows carers to access information about the care receiver’s activities and wellbeing, enabling them to provide support without being intrusive. The technology is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for both carers and the elderly. Sentai also grows with its user, constantly learning to become more familiar, friendly, and effective.

What is the Sentai Hub, Personal Clicker, and App?

Sentai arrives as a complete package, including the Sentai Hub, Sentai Clicker, Sentai Sensor, Sentai App, and simple setup instructions. The Sentai Hub serves as the digital brain, the Sentai Clicker provides instant access to support and urgent help, and the Sentai Sensor tracks activity and location. The Sentai App offers information for effective care.

How is Sentai a cost-effective solution?

Care can be very expensive, especially in the UK. Sentai is integrated into Amazon's Alexa system, eliminating the need for expensive equipment. A single Alexa smart speaker can be used, and Sentai works with devices like the Alexa Echo Dot. Sentai can empower one care worker to oversee multiple patients by giving them remote access to information about the users’ daily routines, activities, and wellbeing.

What benefits can businesses/ organisations gain from partnering with Sentai?

Businesses and organisations, such as private health companies and local council health authorities, can benefit from partnering with Sentai by offering innovative solutions to their clients or constituents. Sentai's technology can improve the quality of care, enhance the wellbeing of older individuals, reduce the burden on informal carers, and contribute to cost savings in the long run.

How can businesses/organisations implement Sentai's solution within their services?

Businesses and organisations interested in working with Sentai can explore collaboration opportunities to integrate Sentai's technology into their existing services. This could involve incorporating Sentai's solution into care plans, leveraging the technology to enhance home care services, or offering Sentai's services as an add-on to their offerings.

How does Sentai plan to evolve and adapt over time?

Sentai emphasises continuous learning and improvement. The solution aims to become more familiar, friendly, and effective over time by incorporating feedback and leveraging advancements in technology. This ensures that both carers and elderly individuals can make the most of every moment together while staying up-to-date with the latest developments in social care technology.

How does Sentai ensure data privacy?

Privacy is a priority for Sentai. It recommends open conversations with loved ones and provides an explainer document on the website. Sentai uses personal data within the system to improve, never sells data to third parties, and only shares data with authorized individuals or organisations.

How does Sentai use AI and machine learning?

Sentai's technology is powered by AI and machine learning, constantly adapting to individual needs. Sentai is designed to be flexible and future-proof, continually evaluating new technologies to enhance its capabilities. This includes meaningful AI-generated conversations, tone analysis, synthesized speech, and personalized recommendations based on preferences.

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