What is Digital Care?

Digital care transformation can dramatically improve quality and safety of care, with real time data integrated into home and community care. This ensures people receive the right care, at the right time, and the right people have access to the information they need to make key decisions.

How Sentai helps

Sentai helps care providers to deliver digital care, modernise, create efficiencies, improve CQC ratings, and deliver new services.

Care for the elderly and social care demand is growing at scales that threaten to overwhelm the services and businesses providing care, both in the home and in care facilities.

Sentai’s solutions looks to enhance the care offering by making more hours available through digital care technologies or by extending and enhancing the in person care service.

Whether that be for a client who doesn’t always require in-person visits regularly, a client who is on a waiting list for care or a client who just wants a friendly voice in their home, Sentai is designed to enhance human care, not replace it. It extends the care service to be a constant companion, available when humans can’t be there.

By offering a digital care package before a formal care plan is put together, or whilst the client is on a waiting list ensures clients still receive the essential support in a timely manner.

“Digital care is a model of health and care delivery where the devices, services and interventions used are designed around the patient’s specific needs, and their health data informs and is shared in a manner that allows the patient to receive care in the most proactive and efficient way possible”


What is person-centred care?

Sentai helps carers and care providers to work in partnership with their clients. Our digital solutions make provide support to help understand and make informed decisions about a persons care and treatment options, including the extent to which they may wish to manage these options themselves.

How Sentai aligns to person centered care

By addressing frequent issues such as ‘where’s my carer?’ and medication adherence, Sentai provides peace of mind to the older person whilst enabling them to be involved in decision making. It helps care staff to concentrate on delivering high quality care.

Sentai serves as a constant companion to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation often experienced by older adults. Its integration with Amazon’s Alexa makes it a user-friendly addition to any home care plan.
Sentai can be used to:

  • Provide virtual care to a potential client on a waiting list for in person care
  • Collect preferences and daily routine data to assist with care planning
  • Enhance a care package by being a digital companion outside of or in addition to in-person visits

“People using the care service and/or those acting on their behalf must be actively encouraged and supported to be involved in making decisions about their care or treatment as much or as little as they wish to be”


See how it works

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Who we help

Helping Care Providers to enhance and extend their services using digital care technology

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Care Providers
Care Providers

We help care providers by being able to augment their services with digital care packages, that deliver more flexible client care and enable increased presence and improved insight, up to 24 hours per day.

Care Givers
Care Givers

We help individuals who give care by providing visibility of the cared for person’s needs and daily routines, so time together can be spent on the most valuable tasks to achieve a better quality of care.

Care Receivers
Care Receivers

We help individuals who receive care by providing a smart conversational companion, making it easier to voice needs, feel reassured and stay connected with carers and family through a single channel of communication.