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Sentai’s Innovative digital care solution is designed to enhance the quality of life for older people living independently. It acts as a digital extension to carers, allowing more flexibility without sacrificing the human touch the care sector is known for.

Care Provider

Transforming care services for Care Providers

We understand the value that domiciliary care offers, and we believe Sentai can bring additional benefits not only to clients and carers, but also open up new services and opportunities for care providers.

Offer new, flexible care packages

Sentai helps care providers expand and enhance their care services. We offer the technology tools and support needed to create additional revenue streams through digital care. Partnering with Sentai can unlock new opportunities and together we can shape the future of caregiving.

  • Attract new clients
  • Service clients on a wait list
  • Attract clients early in their care journey
  • Secure long-lasting relationships with clients
  • Add a new service to existing care packages
  • Provide a unique offering to your business
  • Add new digital care clients without increasing staff numbers

Enhanced Monitoring for Effective Care

Utilising Sentai’s motion sensors in the home and smart reminders, Care providers are able to offer more effective care provision. Our multi-client management platform empowers them to enhance monitoring of their clients’ needs and wellbeing. This provides the insights and tools needed to better understand the immediate and future needs of clients.

  • Improving the Quality of Care
  • Enhanced digital services available 24/7
  • Strengthen care packages already on offer
  • Operate hybrid care models; in person, digital and in home
  • Deliver a more seamless and enriched care experience.
  • Seamlessly extend the circle of care to include family members
  • Collaborative approach creates a holistic care experience
Care Provider

Fulfilling a higher quality of care for Care Givers

We empower individuals who give care by providing visibility of the cared for person’s needs and daily routines, so time together can be spent on the most valuable tasks to achieve a better quality of care.

Increased visibility of needs

Gaining access to a clients movements and activity during the time when a carer cannot be there in person ensures that when face to face visits are scheduled, the carer is fully informed of any issues ahead of time. 24/7 Visibilty of the clients needs means that a better quality of integrated care can take place.

  • Improved prioritisation around actual client’s needs
  • More quality time during a visit
  • Peace of mind that routines are followed when a carer or family member is not there in person.

Enhanced communication between carer and care receiver

Leveraging the power of AI technology, Sentai is equipped to provide crucial reminders, companionship, messaging services which does not require the use of a phone, and a timely link between clients and their carers. By addressing frequent issues such as carers locations, Sentai enables carers to concentrate on delivering high quality care.

  • Ability to respond quickly if an individual needs help
  • Improved prioritisation around actual client needs
  • Open channel of commination making the client feel involved and inclcuded
  • Peace of mind that routines are followed
Care Provider

Helping Care Receivers to feel more connected

We support individuals who receive care by providing an intelligent conversational companion, making it easier to voice needs and stay connected with carers and family through a single channel of communication.

A helping hand throughout the day

Sentai serves as a constant companion to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation often experienced by older adults and cared for individuals. Its integration with Amazon’s Alexa makes it a user-friendly addition to any home.

  • Feeling more connected
  • Ability to voice needs easily
  • Easier access to carer without having to phone
  • Being helped through the day

Feeling safe and reassured

Using the handy clicker, the care recipient can call for quick help. Through natural conversation, Sentai will find out what has happened and send priority alerts to the carer and the management console dashboard. This ensures a quick response.

  • Little learning curve through voice interaction
  • Peace of mind
  • Empowered to live more independently.
  • Enriched quality of care

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