• An introduction to digital care and it’s role in social care
  • Supporting local authorities with digital and virtual care models
  • The role of hybrid care in the future of social care
  • Sentai solutions

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Learn more about the impact of virtual and hybrid care.

Introducing Sentai's "Digital Care"

Learn how Sentai is helping local authorities and care providers with digital care solutions. 

Three key themes

Introduction to Digital Care

In this opening segment, the concept of digital Care, its potential benefits and disadvantages, and its transformative role within the social and healthcare industry will be explored.

Supporting Local Authorities with Virtual Care

The topic will delve into the critical ways in which virtual care solutions bolster local authorities, ultimately improving the quality of care on offer, the preventative methodology and enhancing community well-being.

The Role of Hybrid-Care Models

A dynamic discussion on the integration of traditional caregiving methods with innovative digital solutions, providing a comprehensive approach to the connected care model of in person, virtual, family and community to offer patient well-being.