Reducing loneliness in older people | How Sentai can offer companionship


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How can technology help to reduce loneliness in older people?

Across the globe, many older people experience feelings of isolation whilst living alone. At Sentai, we’re determined to change this with our intelligent AI companion.

Keep reading to discover how Sentai can support your older independent loved ones:

Getting started with Sentai

At Sentai, we want to create life-changing healthcare technology. We aim to help reduce loneliness and provide care to improve the lives of older people living alone.

To help reduce loneliness in older people, we’ve created Sentai, a friendly and intelligent companion that can be with your loved one 24/7. Our AI is easy to use, simple to install and can provide necessary companionship for others.

Through our mobile app, users can link our technology to family, friends and carers to create the ideal communication network.


Integration with Alexa

To help reduce loneliness in older people, our Sentai AI works with Amazon Alexa. This provides users with a vocal companion within the home that acts as a friendly and reassuring presence.

As well as voice interaction through Alexa, Sentai works with motion sensors, clickers and push buttons, ensuring accessibility for all. 

The use of Alexa also opens up a channel of communication between the older person and their friends, family or carers. Due to this, independent older people can talk to their loved ones whenever they want to. This is a positive step towards reducing loneliness in older people.

Task reminders

A further feature of Sentai is our task reminders. Set up by the user or their loved ones, they can add task reminders to the Sentai app to ensure that nothing gets forgotten.

These reminders can often include visits, phone calls and social events, helping older people to better manage their social life.

With the help of Sentai, users know when visits, calls or social events are happening. This gives them something to look forward to and minimises feelings of loneliness. 

Combatting loneliness | Constant companionship

As well as helping individuals connect with their loved ones, our Sentai AI offers constant companionship within the home. 

A friendly presence in the home with a familiar voice, Sentai can communicate advice, reminders, and more, helping your loved one feel comforted and less alone.

Loneliness in older people is becoming increasingly common, but our AI solution can help to combat this. With Sentai, we want to help in creating a more supportive and inclusive future. 

To discover more about our AI solution, please contact a member of our team.

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